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Below is a range of our SEO services – We have been carrying out seo for over 10 years and have found by following the Google recommended guidelines  our SEO service gets good results with happy customers getting good rankings in the search engines.

We carry out a mixture of on-site and off-site SEO techniques which includes creating quality articles about your business and getting high quality backlinks pointing back to your website increasing search engine rankings plus many seo methods which have been tried and tested over the years. 

 Our SEO package is for one keyword at a time @£50/mnth so if you want 2 main keywords then it would be £100/mnth etc… we can use multiple keywords in articles etc.. Which can help those keywords rise up the search engines but we concentrate on the main keywords. This is not a guarantee as no one can state that they can get your keyword on the first page of the search engines but by following Googles recommendations it helps and depending on the popularity of the keyword it could take a month or a number of months no one can tell as there are a number of factors that can affect getting your keyword moving up the search engines. We are being honest and upfront as some people think they pay the money and it should work instantly but in reality it could take a month or a number of months as it all depends on a number of factors and like we said before as long as you follow Googles guidelines the majority of the time we get good results.

Below is our packages starting at £50/mnth (3hrs)

All our SEO packages are paid in advance.

seo high wycombe

BASIC SEO £50/mnth

STANDARD SEO £100/mnth

ADVANCED SEO £200/mnth

AD HOC SEO £20/hr


We offer a range of support packages to support your website  to give you peace of mind: Our packages start from as little as £30/mnth 

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