Traditional Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

massage therapyThai massage therapy can easily release muscular anxiety, increase pliability as well as flexibility of joints as well as enhance breathing. The procedures used can also really help to increase blood flow, enhance the immune system as well as stimulate intellectual clarity.

Having a Thai massage can really help you relieve stress and anxiety, encourages the circulation of energy through your body, raise energy levels and endurance as well as promote an overall experience of peacefulness and well-being.”

Benefits of Thai Massage

thai massage high wycombeThai massage deals with the meridian (energy) lines within the body. Whenever you become ill, the stream of energy surrounding the body has become impeded or perhaps is not circulating as freely as it needs to. Whenever you have a traditional Thai massage it stimulates the stream of energy, delivering harmony and balance to the body.

Thai massage therapists possess an instinctive awareness and feeling to find out where to employ pressure and for precisely how long to press, aiming to unleash muscular tension and stretch out rigid muscular tissues, ultimately promoting flow of energy all around the body.

Whenever physical therapists use their body weight to set loose stress and tension from inside the muscles it functions much deeper and is more concentrated. Massage therapists blend leverage and balance of their own body mass to employ more or to abate, ensuring they apply the correct tension on each customer.

During a Thai massage the therapist will start with meridian work. This means palm as well as thumb presses around the energy lines, which in turn warms up the muscles as well as increases blood flow. Working around the joints, releasing tension and encouraging activity occurs before flexing of the limbs. Through working on the meridian lines and joints, it warms the body physically as well as mentally enabling maximum benefit from the stretching.”

thai massage therapy


Purethai High Wycombe

traditional thai massagePurethai provides its guests authentic Thai Massage. Our qualified experienced therapists will walk you through our comprehensive range of treatment solutions specifically to cater to the particular needs of our customers. Our team invite everyone to check out and appreciate our great quality services. Thank you for supporting Purethai Massage Therapy, have a great day!

As a customer, you will encounter a journey inside an urban retreat for the senses– a destination for pampering, reinvigorating and also healing of the physical, mental and spiritual. Our team invite you to try our traditional Thai massage to release knots, muscle tension and also alleviate chronic muscle tension, migraines, neck, shoulder, lower back pain and also painful muscles.

Thai Massage Therapy

Thai massage benefits is generally compared with the conventional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture. This is maybe for the reason that the acupuncture works to guide the pressure points in the body, which is to some extent the Thai massage is functioning. Nonetheless, there is a huge difference between these two healing procedures, that lies on the fact that on Thai massage has the capabilities to stimulate the pressure points with a healing touch.

thai massageToday, understood across the globe as an unique therapeutic method, the Thai massage is considered as a wonderful method for avoiding sickness and also any irritation. It is frequently employed for sports, being suitable for the injured athletes and groups of people suffering from handicaps or stress and anxiety. Perhaps what’s ideal about this traditional recuperation approach is that it is extremely advantageous for all types of people, regardless if young or aged, lively or less active, healthy and balanced or not so well-balanced.

There are lots of different types of massage , all them positive, given of course, that the massage therapy is applied adeptly..

Benefits of regular Thai massage therapy include remedy for irregularity, IBS, headaches, sciatica, back as well as neck pain..

For the Thais this is not unexpected. They regard equilibrium and unimpeded circulation of Sen as important permanently wellness. A great Thai massage therapy achieves this and also could remedy psychological troubles along with physical ones.

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