High Wycombe Thai Massage


thai massage What is traditional thai massage ?

This is our most popular massage, Traditional Thai Massage, it consists of various thai massage techniques which includes thai stretching techniques also using pressure and stretching movements so as to lower stress levels as well as improve overall blood circulation and relaxation. Practised on a firm Thai mat, no oils are applied. The customer remains completely dressed except for the feet. Wear light and loose garments to permit flexible motion.

High Wycombe Thai Massage

Enjoy all Thai massage benefits at Purthai based in High Wycombe

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Thai Aromatherapy mixes together the benefits of Traditional Thai Massage with the use of essential fragrance-free all natural oils. Employed as a therapeutic practice for 1000s of years, essential oils aid in relaxation, enhance blood circulation, as well as support restorative healing of wounds.


This specific treatment blends the very best of both worlds. Blending Thai pressure point massage therapy and gentle stretching with a flowing deep tissue massage, it targets inflamed muscle tissues, and encourages the sensation of total inner calmness. This massage addresses the pressure points with strong movements which help to release built-up tension in weary muscles.


This particular treatment solution uses traditional Thai reflex therapy to enhance blood flow, soothe your fatigued, swollen legs and feet, followed by a pressure point massage that uses rounded wooden stick.

All About Thai Massage

thai massageThe founding father of Thai massage and medicine is said to have been Shivago Komarpaj who is pointed out in the Pāli Buddhist canon to have been the Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago. He is noted in historical records with regard to and for his extraordinary medical abilities, his practical knowledge of herbal treatments, and for having treated very important people of his time, including the Buddha himself.

As a matter of fact, the evolution of Thai massage therapy is much more complicated than this legend of a single founder would indicate. Thai massage, like Thai conventional medicine more generally, it is a mixture of influences from Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian cultural spheres, and traditions of medicine, and the art as it is exercised today is very likely to be the solution of a 19th-century synthesis of different therapeutic traditions from throughout the kingdom. Even today, there is considerable difference from region to region throughout Thailand, and no single routine or academic framework that is widely approved within therapists.

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