Why WordPress!

We use WordPress as our platform it is a flexible web software that can be used to create beautiful websites and blogs. WordPress is open source and has a community of thousands of developers who have spent years building it, it is both powerful and stable and very user friendly with over 75 million people using it to power their websites and with thousands of plugins and themes it can transform your dreams into reality.

Benefits Of Using WordPress

* WordPress is OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE built in php and mysql and is free to use under the GPL license.

* WordPress is very USER FRIENDLY with most hosting companies offering it in their hosting packages.

* WordPress THEMES are easy to install and there are thousands to choose from. We only use the best themes that have built in features that can make your site not only look good but has all the bolts and whistles!

* WordPress PLUGINS are add ons that can enhance your website again there are thousands of plugins that you can use to tweak your website.

* WordPress SEO is one of the most important features as what good is having a great looking website when no one can see it. We only use themes that have been seo optimised and with the right content and plugins your website has a good start for the search engines. BEWARE – no one can guarantee you first page for your keywords but they can do the recommended functions that search engines like google suggest and this will help greatly. By following the recommended guidelines SCW have had a good success rate of getting customers up the search engines and on the first page for their niche keywords.

There are still a lot of small business owners out there that still do not have a website to promote their business and many that do have a website cannot update it themselves and have to pay their webmaster every time they want something updated. And then there are the adventurous that try to update their website and then mess things up and then have to pay for someone to put it right.

So if you wanted to update some text on the home page or on any page you enter into the back end which is very easy to use and it will allow you to add edit or delete your content yourself. At Xclusive Web Design we will show you how to do this. Take a look at some of the tutorials.